rodzina tworząca zabawki z kartonu

About Us & about you.

KOKO CARDBOARDS is a brand dedicated to children from all over the world! Your limitless honesty, openness, curiosity about the world, courage and unlimited joy inspired us to create items that are worthy of your attention. Childhood is an amazing time! Time to discover the world, to grow, to explore and to experience all types of adventures. Remember – you are perfect just the way you are! We hope that our toys and creative sets will bring you lots of fun, inspire you to search further and show you that you can become whoever you want to be. The sky’s the limit!

KOKO CARDBOARDS is also a brand dedicated to parents from all over the world! Your boundless love, commitment, good intentions and dedication inspired us to create items you’d love to give to your children. We know that parenting is quite a task, but remember – you are enough! We hope that the toys and creative sets we designed will help you to build a wonderful and strong bond with your child. They will keep both of you active and provide unforgettable family time by playing and creating together. Shower your child with love and attention to create a strong foundation for their self-esteem and self- love.

KOKO CARDBOARDS is a brand dedicated to our planet! Its boundless beauty, power, kindness, but also constant suffering from our abuse inspired us to create objects that will bring about change. Remember – there is no “Planet B”! We hope that our product will prove that you don’t have to give up on toys that evoke feelings, emotions and excitement, but you can make smarter choices to minimise the negative impact on our planet.

We are a family business from Poznan that designs toys and creative sets for children with the use of cardboard. We produce in Poland with support of local entrepreneurs and by importing semi-finished supplies from the European Union. Our mission is to develop products in harmony with the environment. You can buy them in twenty-five countries, including The United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Greece, The Netherlands or Spain.

Privately, we are a family that values outdoor activities and enjoys travelling on the T4 bus. We love water sports, horse riding and skiing. Music, dance, fresh fruits and sun- kissed faces make us feel alive!

KOKO CARDBOARDS is a brand that we dedicate to our daughters, Lena and Kaja. You mean the world to us!