ASTRONAUT – do it yourself


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Do your children dream about a space expedition?

Bring your child to the distant galaxies, thanks to our costume! Our product apart from the costume itself can give your child what is most precious –  quality, family time together.

When you buy the DIY (do it yourself) Astronaut costume, you will get all you need to assemble it yourself. The only thing you need more is scissors and glue, which you can buy on our website here.

The kit comes with paper instructions that will help you create the costume within an hour. If you prefer the video version, you can see it here.

The rubbers from the backpack and inside the helmet can be adjusted.

A big plus is the possibility of your own decoration. When you get bored with the “clean costume” you can give it another life by painting or taping the costume in your own way.

Share the results of your work on social media using #kokocardboards.

The product is made of certified cardboard, made in Poland.