DIY Flowers


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Children love to make their own presents for their family members and friends. This is an expression of their love and appreciation.

At the same time, they learn the value of doing something good and kind for others. It is well known that giving gifts is as pleasurable as receiving them, and preparing them with care is extremely satisfying.

Gifts “from the heart” have great sentimental and symbolic value, evoke strong emotions, and has special meaning. It is a beautiful way to build priceless memories and strong relationships.

The DIY flower set is the perfect support for preparing your own gift for Mother’s Day, Grandmother’s Day, Teacher’s Day or many other events.

It is also a beautiful, self-made room decoration!

The cardboard elements are perfect for further decorating and painting! Don’t hesitate to color them in!

The set is suitable for children aged 10 and over to work on their own, younger children will need the support of a caregiver – it is a great opportunityto spend valuable family time.

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The product is made of certified cardboard, produced in Poland.