additional WORD / handmade calligraphy


Dostępność: Brak w magazynie


In the standard service, a personalized card is placed inside the flower tube. The standard service content is a maximum of 4 words, e.g. “I love you, Mark” on the card and “Love” on the tube. If you want the content on the card to have more than 3 words (e.g. a fragment of a song, a motto, a quote, etc.), you can add them to the basket (you add such a multiple of the product, how many words you want to add. One word = 2 euro).

Calligraphies are handmade by top Polish calligrapher Małgosia Małecka / Hello Calligraphy.

Full text of the text for the card, add in the comments to your order.

NOTE: Purchasing additional “words” is possible only as an addition to the purchase of a flower, to add them, it must be in the basket.