DIY GIRLAND – letters per unit – VALENTINES DAY


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Create any garland you like!

How to place an order?

Multiply the quantity of the product to the number of flags you wish to purchase (one flag / letter or character = 2 euro).
Enter the content of the garland in the comment to your order (all letters of the alphabet and icons are available).
The VALENTINES DAY color set ( shades of pink and red as well as cream and white ), is the same as in VALENTINES DAY KOKO CARDBOARDS rainbow with which it makes a perfect combination. The colors can be used in any order
This is a craft activity for children from the age of 6. Younger children will make it with parental support.

Before work prepare the tools:  scissors and glue (or double-sided tape).

Create a beautiful, personalized decoration for your room and share the results of your work by tagging us on social media: @koko_cardboards .

Looking for the perfect complement to your garland? Create a rainbow in the same color set!