Christmas Stocking


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Does your family love Christmas?

At KOKO CARDBOARDS we love Christmas and we would like to share this love with you too!

Christmas Stocking will be a beautiful decor element, a place for small gifts, but above all great creative, family workshops.

Why choose this product? Because it entertains and supports your child at the same time. It develops manual skills, imagination, and constructional thinking.

Teaches how to complete a task by following instructions. It gives a sense of satisfaction and pride, which translates into self-confidence and a desire to take on further challenges.

It is also a great activity for the whole family, so you will have a great time together.

Our products are ready-made solutions, so when you buy them, you get the complete DIY (do it yourself) kits needed to assemble them yourself. Before starting work, get the necessary tools: scissors and glue.

The possibility of making an additional, individual decoration (painting, taping, etc.) and signing with household names is making it more and more excited!

Please, share with us your koko cardboards christmas stocking by tagging us: @koko _cardboards.

The product is made of certified recyclable cardboard, produced in Poland.